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   Celebrating their 50th year in business, CEJN is considered one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to quick connect technology. The CEJN-Group, consisting of over 10 subsidiaries worldwide, has produced quick connect couplings since 1955. Headquartered in Sweden, the company employs over 350 people in several countries around the globe. While production takes place in Sweden, over three quarters of the products manufactured are sold in other countries.

When compressed air became a main source of energy for tools and equipment in the early 1950s, the need arose for a reliable connector between the airlines that would not leak air or restrict use. In 1955 Carl Erik Josef Nyberg (C.E.J.N.) designed a revolutionary quick connect coupling that overcame these problems. This coupling launched CEJN into the international market and is the foundation from which most of the company’s products were developed.

CEJN now manufacturers quick connect couplings for use in pneumatics, hydraulics, water, gases, chemicals, and other fluids. They also offer adaptors, fittings, hoses, F.R.L. units, and blowguns. CEJN’s newest invention is the WEO Plug-in, which is a self-locking coupling. The company believes this coupling will simplify hydraulic systems, extend the lives of hoses, reduce oil spills, and allow more compact hydraulic systems to be built.

In 1982, the subsidiary CEJN Industrial Corp. was formed in the United States. Located in Gurnee, IL it is one of several facilities worldwide that markets and sells the CEJN line of products to distributors and OEMs across the United States and Canada. This facility also has begun to fill custom orders and complete batch manufacturing.

For information on the CEJN or VACULA product lines, you can contact CEJN Industrial Corp. at 847-263-7200.