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Eli’s Chicago’s Finest Cheesecake

 Mmm . . . cheesecake. When Chicagoans think of cheesecake, Eli's is usually the first name that comes to their minds. Along with the name, thoughts and smells of warm butter cookie crusts, natural flavorings, handmade quality, and oven baking also emerge.

For almost two decades Eli's has served some of the best cheesecake around in a unique Chicago-style. It all started in 1977 when Eli Schulman added cheesecake to his dessert menu at his Streeterville restaurant, Eli's the Place for Steak. The dessert was an immediate hit with patrons and soon made it's citywide debut at the 1980 Taste of Chicago. Due to its success at this event, other restaurants and retail outlets began to sell Eli's cheesecakes. When Eli's was invited to President Clinton's Inauguration in 1993, the company quickly gained national exposure. In 1996, Eli's opened its new headquarters and bakery in northwest Chicago, which enabled the desserts to be made to share with the rest of the country. With a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, Eli's has become a popular favorite with cheesecake-lovers worldwide.

In addition to a wide variety of cheesecake flavors, Eli's also offers cobblers, brownies, tarts, and pies. Today, Eli's cheesecakes and other desserts can still be found at Eli's the Place for Steak as well as Eli's Cheesecake World Café, Eli's at O'Hare, and in restaurants and supermarkets around the world. Want to send someone a cheesecake or customize your own? Eli's accepts online, phone, and fax orders and ships to anywhere in the country.

Eli's is often asked if their cheesecakes are New York-style or French-style. The answer of course is neither-they are Chicago-style!