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LLD Electric Co

 After 25 years in the electrical business Tom Morton and his team noticed a change in the industry. Electrical contractors were becoming so specialized that customers didn’t know where to turn for help with their electrical projects. While analyzing the market, they saw a void, a niche filled with potential customers that wanted a one-stop- shopping approach to electrical work, potential customers who were not being serviced by the more specialized electrical contractors already in existence.

They saw this as an opportunity and with little more than a discussion over Thanksgiving dinner four years ago, they formed LLD Electric in the basement of Tom’s Gurnee home. What does LLD stand for? Life Long Dream! In the case of LLD, fulfilling their dream, owning a company where good work is appreciated. They knew that the key to gaining appreciation for work well done is satisfying the needs of the customer, so potential customers were identified as those in need of an electrical contractor that:

  • Focuses on excellent service
  • Can deliver quality workmanship
  • Stays on time and within budget

The LLD team consists of members that have a clear understanding of what customers are looking for—and experience in the industry. The team was assembled with the goal of controlling this niche by offering a wide range of services backed up by a one-year guarantee on all work.

LLD’s services include: tenant build-out, new construction, electrical maintenance, energy management, Temperature Controls/Fire Alarms, and installation of Tele/data & fiber optic cabling to EIA/TIA standards.

LLD has done well in their goal by completing projects with companies both large and small including: Gurnee Mills, Moore Business Forms, Village of Wauconda, Baxter Healthcare and Trustmark Insurance. Another testament to their quality work and professional service is seen in their long list of customer testimonials, and even more impressive, the willingness of current and past customers to act as references for LLD.

When asked what sets LLD apart from the competition the answer was simple, “teamwork, reliability and excellence.