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Lexco Cable

 Lexco Cable is a family run business that started in the 1950s when two brothers were given a Schwinn bicycle franchise with the purchase of four bicycles. Soon, Harold and Ray Karbin started manufacturing security cables for bicycles in the back room. Two of Harold's children, Neal and Karen, worked after school helping with the cable assemblies.

In 1973, to house manufacturing operations, Harold and Ray bought their first building on Belmont Avenue in Chicago. Five years later, Harold and Ray split the business, with Harold acquiring the cable manufacturing division. That same year, Neal joined his father in the business and they expanded their product line to include bicycle accessories. Lexco currently has 25 employees and has acquired adjacent property to accommodate its expansion.

Lexco's growth has been fueled by management's ability to evaluate its product lines and adapt them to meet market demands. In April, they will start manufacturing custom bungee assemblies - the latest addition to the product line.

Lexco has successfully transitioned to a second generation of ownership. Neal is the vice-president and owner of Lexco. Harold and his wife Helen are still active in the business, reporting for work every day. Karen has also joined her brother as the marketing manager.

Lexco's bicycle accessory division sells to independent bicycle dealers, while the industrial division manufactures OEM products for all industries using or requiring tethering and locking systems. In 2000, the scooter was one of the top sellers for the bicycle division. The low rider bicycle is emerging as the hot item for the bicycle division for 2001 and bungee assemblies are the hottest items in the industrial division. Lexco's new lines for the bicycle division in 2001 include Pedro's USA tools and lubes, the Master Lock Pro-sport line specifically for the bicycle industry, ACS BMX components and Rock 'N Roll lubrications.

7320 West Agatite Avenue
Norridge, IL 60706