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LumiSource, Inc.

Have you ever seen a Martini Lamp? Have you ever touched an Electra? How about a Man Lamp, featuring a strategically placed on/off switch? These and many others are examples of unique product offerings from LumiSource, Inc. a family run business located in Elk Grove Village. President and owner Mr. S.Y. Lee, with his son, Steve Lee, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, and his daughter, Irene Lee, Vice President of Operations, form a dynamic team that has brought their startup company to its present day status as an internationally recognized supplier of unique lighting products to the gift and furniture industries.

The Lees were not, by any stretch, new to starting or running a business when they first incorporated LumiSource, Inc. in the fall of 1997. Prior to this business they had already worked as a team to establish SinoSource, Inc. an OEM manufacturer/supplier of power cords. Before that, Mr. S.Y. Lee had run a successful freight forwarding business for over 20 years.

Running SinoSource and supplying OEM parts to domestic manufacturers gave the Lees a firsthand look at the downturn in U.S. manufacturing, where many companies were relocating their operations overseas or to Mexico. At the same time, supplying customers in the lighting industry made the Lees realize the immense size of the lighting and gift industries. From a personal standpoint, the Lees also had a yearning to venture into a more consumer-based sector and bring fun and creativity into their work environment. In the end, it was a combination of their business intuition, exposure gained from national and international travel and good old-fashioned research that made them see that there was ample opportunity to start LumiSource.

LumiSource was established with the premise that there are many artists in the world with great designs, but they either don't have the means or the resources to produce and market their creations to the masses and that there are stores who want unique items. The Lees sought out these artists and signed licensing agreements allowing LumiSource to manufacture and promote the products.

After obtaining a solid base of new artists, LumiSource produced its first catalog in 1998 and started an aggressive marketing campaign. This marketing blitz included mass mailings, magazine advertisements, trade show booths and telemarketing all intended to gain exposure for the product line and establish brand recognition for the LumiSource name. The products were also featured on Wild Chicago, and on the set of Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo and the television show Friends.

Today, LumiSource produces two full catalogs per year and promotes its products at over 15 national and 5 international gift, lighting and fur-niture shows, and is always on the lookout for new, innovative artists and designs. Some places to find their products are JC Penney, Spencer Gift and the Discovery Channel Stores.

LumiSource is a prime example of a business utilizing each of the "four ways to grow your business" with a persistent communication/mailing schedule, detailed database, excellent repeat buyer rate, and a staff of 30 team members always ready to assist their new and returning customers.